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Growing Sunflowers Are Very Popular

Sunflowers (or Helianthus - the correct plant name) is one of the most popular summer flowers. It is native to both North and South America, but this easy-to-grow flower is often cultivated due to is friendly, large flower.

Not just being beautiful to look at, the sunflower is also useful; the seeds grown in the flower's head are good parrot and bird seed, as well as being tasty for a hamster. The seeds are also home to the oil which many of us cook with.

Growing sunflowers, in general is quite easy. They need little maintenance and when planted out in the Spring, will flower in the summer. Re-appearing year after year they bring great hues of yellow to a sunny garden.

Here's the fastest, surest way to flood your garden with masses of dazzling sunflowers starting in virtually a matter of moments. This newly developed pre-seeded Giant Sunflower Mat comes to you so densely infused with hundreds of mature sunflower seeds...they're all ready to explode into bloom starting just days after you roll it out and sprinkle with water. And what a magnificent color display they make. Dazzling yellows, sunset oranges, pale 'moonbeam' lemons...each stunning stalk hoisting itself high as a man with blooms big as a dinner plate! Best of all, they're self-multiplying.

Guidelines To Grow Sunflowers

It is very important to carefully consider the types of sunflowers you determine to grow and where and how you intend to grow them.

You must be conscious about sunflowers heads that tend to follow the predominate direction of the sun. Well, fence the line where you have planted in your garden and see to that it is located in the east section of your lot.

You have to carefully select the seeds you need by reading all the information on the seed packs. Pay attention to the height of the plants, the time of the bloom, and the type of flowers.

You have to consider whether you are planting for cut flowers or planting to harvest and roast seeds for eating. Even if you want to plant sunflowers in pots or in your garden, seeds for every type of planting are readily available.

Sunflower plant seeds are available in a number of varieties at most local garden nurseries. If you do not have nurseries then ordering sunflowers online is always a good choice for finding the seeds or plants you need.

Sunflower plants are like any other plant. The better the soil is, the more heartier and robust the plant. Sunflowers do well in many different soil conditions. Soils that drain well and contain a lot of mulch will be the best for sunflower plants.

You have to plant sunflower plant seeds direct to the sun because sunflowers like and need plenty of sunlight. Full sun is recommended for the better part of the day to grow strong healthy sunflowers.